May Newsletter

Posted by Jordan & Hannah Self

“Thus says the Lord God: It is not for your sake that I am about to act, but for the sake of My Holy Name.” Ezekiel 36:22

I was reading this passage in Ezekiel to prepare for my Bible Institute class the other day when this verse stood out to me. God was about to help Israel once again even though they had profaned His name and done nothing to deserve rescue. It is easy for me to roll my eyes and wonder why the Israelites couldn’t get their act together. It’s even easier to wonder why God kept bailing them out.

Thankfully we serve a merciful and gracious God who loves us enough to save us even when we make the same mistakes over and over again and when we don’t deserve to be rescued. It is a beautiful picture of the fact that God does love us very much, but ultimately it is not about us. This life is about God and He created us to glorify Him in everything we do.

We are not going to Guatemala just to minister to youth. Most importantly we are going for the sake of His Holy Name! When you go to your job, or when you are raising your children or anything else that you do, you should not merely live out your day, but do those things for the sake of God’s Holy Name!

We have been very busy and have a busy summer ahead of us. We just finished a mission conference at New Covenant Fellowship that was very encouraging. We will be speaking at other churches throughout the next few months. In July we will be taking a road trip to visit our out-of-state supporters and speak to some of their churches/Sunday school classes.
Bible Institute is wrapping up for the summer. It has been a great opportunity to give Jordan more teaching experience and it has helped us to do very well playing against other family members in Bible Trivia :)!

We had a lot of success and fun while teaching the kids of the English as a Second Language classes. Our main kids were the three sons of a young woman named Montse. Kevin, Dalles and Dennis were the sweetest boys! Montse just recently gave birth to a baby girl so they are taking a break for a while. The ladies in our Sunday school class were able to throw her a really fun baby shower.
Thank you so much again for your support and prayers! I know that we say that every newsletter, but we sincerely couldn’t do this without you. This waiting period of support raising is very encouraging, but it is very difficult to wait when we want to be in Guatemala. Please pray that we would continue to be patient and content with God’s timing!

May God Bless You!

Jordan, Hannah & Solomon Self

It's hard to believe that Solomon is a year old!